The LUG needs to meet

24 05 2011

I miss you guys!! We need to do some nerding!

Our LUG is alive and well!

9 03 2010

Hey, everyone! I know that this site hasn’t been getting updated like it should and meetings have been sporadic at best. In an effort to expand the LUG and get some new blood, the founding members are going to focus more on stricter scheduling and more frequent site updates. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, March 23 @ 6:pm. We’ll be meeting at The Jury Room in Elkhorn. Drop by and say hi!

Innocent Bell-Ringer Accosted by Mad LUG King!

12 12 2009

Earlier this afternoon an innocent young man was unnecessarily hassled in the foyer of Schmalings Piggly-Wiggly, Delavan, WI. “I don’t know what happened… I said ‘Merry Christmas’, and all of a sudden this guy was screaming ‘Stay free! Stay open source!!!’ in my face… It was really embarrassing, considering the fact I was trying to play it cool in front of the girls I was volunteering with. The guy totally busted me out as a computer geek.” The unknown assailant is still at large but sources say he may make an appearance at the next LUG Meeting – Tuesday, December 22.

Ahhh… Spring

10 05 2009

…When a boy’s thoughts turn to EBOX, scotch and LUG Meetings…

Well, kids, as you all know our meetings are all out of wack this month but since we only have four real members I think we’ll be ok.
Tuesday the 12th will be the date of our next meeting at the Scotch Room in Elkhorn. Foreigners can contact one of the boys or comment here for details.

Back in the Swing of Things

13 04 2009

Hey, all! Hopefully our LUG will be meeting this Wednesday the 15th. We’ve missed the last few opportunities due in part to the unforgiving illness of Queen Jaclyn but things should be back to normal by then.

See ya soon!

Go Navy!

25 03 2009

The Walworth County LUG now has its first official ‘satellite’ member – sniffhog! This makes our LUG 40% Navy.

Sniffhog is (most recently) a state-line native and is currently employed in the intrusion prevention/analysis field. This answers the age old question – what’s nerdier than nerdy?  — Professional nerdyness.

Sniffhog is primarily an honorary member as his employment will prevent him from attending meetings (shit’s weak) but hopefully his expertise can be put to use on our pet project, internetFromScratch.

2nd Meeting

19 02 2009

Well, it was a short one this time, but it was still a good time. After most people left my new laptop got ubuntu installed WOOT!!!!!!!!!! I feel less dirty now. I got Gpodder DLing all my podcasts so I can get caught up. Throw any ideas for next meeting in the comments here and lets see if we can have some kind of agenda.