The Walworth County LUG is a Linux Users Group that meets the first and third Wednesday of each month to discuss Linux, computing and Open Source Software. The meetings are open to all and our members would be more than happy to assist anyone having trouble installing or using Linux or other Open Source products.

Unfortunately, we do meet at a local tavern so Linux users under 21 are currently out of luck. Hit up the forum with any questions or comments.


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23 09 2009


Have just started looking on the net for Linux type groups.
Have been trying to get away from MS, working with mostly with Ubuntu 9.04.
Also, the Ultimate Edition via Thee Mahn seems to make some of the basic installation tasks a little easier, but with a few draw backs of it’s own.
Is this along the lines of what your group is all about?
I ask, because while I would love to learn more, I humbly have to admit I fall short of actually writing any code. I do however like to play/tweak around with the large number of Linux distros. Why is your number so small? sounds to me like MS is giving it away.

Thanks for taking the time to read, Dan

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